Personal Writing Coaching

Personal Writing Coaching

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Hi, Ashmae here. I love writing, I love helping people unearth their own abilities to write. Like truly, it is my favorite thing. And I'm good at it. I received an MFA in poetry in 2011. I have taught writing at university, through my own courses, through dozens of events in different states as part of my book tour, and in personal settings for well over a decade. I'd love to help you in whatever stage of writing you're at. 

I focus primarily on short creative writing pieces, which include poetry, essay, memoir, creative non-fiction, and pieces that don't know what genre they are yet. 

Who is this for:

-Beginning writers looking to gain confidence in their voice and story

-Advanced writers needing an external motivation and another skilled set of eyes to workshop their pieces

-High school students looking to refine their college application statements/essays

-People writing personal histories and/or memoir

-College students needing outside tutoring or writing grad school applications

-People who haven't yet written a single word but would like to


How this works: 

You purchase one of more sessions for yourself or as a gift for someone else.

I'll send you a link to a calendar to schedule our meeting times. 

For each session you send me a piece of writing, up to 3 pages double-spaced, or up to 5 poems. I read your writing and give written feedback throughout the work and a paragraph of your strengths and areas for improvement. And then we meet up on the internet using a video platform and go through the writing together. This is so much fun, trust me. I will point out strengths, give suggestions and ideas to improve your writing in a 30-minute session. Note, if you haven't written anything yet, we will spend 60 minutes talking about possible ideas, barriers, ways to get started, etc...  

I will include some final thoughts, suggestions and questions to use as you continue writing.  I will also include some writers, or specific pieces of writing you can look up that are tailored to your piece.  

I see the opportunity to discuss your writing face to face as an incredible opportunity for growth, understanding and expansion.


Here's what some previous students had to say about their session: 

"My mentoring session with Ashley was more useful to me than years of slogging through writing on my own has been. She was thorough and honest and unbelievably encouraging. Not only have her tools made me feel more equipped to engage in the spiritual process of writing, but I am beginning to trust that my simple stories have value." 
"Something that stands out to me about Ashmae is her ability to see my writing and my voice as unique and special on its own. She has never forced her style or approach on me and has always encouraged me to dig deeper within myself for the answers to my writing woes. I come away from meetings with her thinking I must be amazing to have come up with these ideas all on my own, when the reality is she’s been leading me there the whole time! Through her guidance and helpful critiques of my writing, I’ve received various awards, scholarships, and acceptance letters. I owe much of this success to Ashmae and her thoughtful mentorship!"

- Paige


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